We wanted to create a line of products that enables you to show your pride and appreciation for all this State has to offer; One of which is the “Hikers Pint”. We have been working on perfecting this glass for years. There have been many challenges but we have remained persistent, passionate, and determined to introduce products that will show your love for Colorado as well as showcasing your journey to the top of Colorado's tallest peaks.

When you climb one of Colorado’s 58 14er’s what to you get? A trophy, a medal or simply a picture of you holding a piece of cardboard? Now, you can have a Hikers Pint. A well-crafted glass with a 3D rendition of a Colorado 14’er molded in the base. This glass will remind you of your journey and your accomplishment of reaching the summit. It is a tangible memory and of course it comes with bragging rights! Throw those cardboard signs away and cheers with a local glass.

To start we are introducing the Mount Bierstadt Hikers Pint. It has a 3-Dimensional rendition of Mount Bierstadt molded in the base. Mount Bierstadt is a 7.3-mile hike, heavily trafficked out with a back trail located near Idaho Springs, Colorado. The elevation (14,060’), the mountain name and my logo the “Colorado Compass™” is printed on the glass.

We will eventually begin production of more glasses with additional mountains to add to your growing collection. Based off your comments and your support we can put a list together to determine which mountain should be created next!

We have been communicating with Colorado Fourteeners Initiative (CFI) to donate a portion of each glass sold to help maintain our trails and keep them safe and clean for years to come! Thank you for your time and your support. Now get out there and explore Colorado!



 The “Colorado Compass” is a symbol to all who have visited this amazing state. The directions (North, South, East, and West) that surround the Colorado C are to remind you that regardless of where you have been, or plan to go, Colorado will always be a place and time to cherish!


It was designed to unite all who have enjoyed what the state of Colorado has to offer. Whether it be for the skiing, the fishing, the sand dunes, or the 58 14’ers! It doesn’t matter if you’re a Colorado Native, or a transplant, what matters is your experiences and memories.


Using Google Maps we were able to transition the Terrain to an STL file (STL is a format used for CAD software created by 3D systems).  The Mountain was then uploaded to CURA which is a 3D Printer Program. The Mountain is adjusted and cropped accordingly so that the Peak is the most visible part of the model. However, You will notice that the terrain has not been altered by cropping.  The Mountain was then printed using a 3D Printer to ensure the print was accurate. “The underlying data is the result of an 11-day Space Shuttle mission in early 2000 to collect elevation data for over 80% of the earth. Additional post-processing of the data was performed by the Consortium for Spatial Information. The dataset has an X/Y resolution of 90 meters at the equator, with a maximum vertical error of 16 meters.”

With the 3D Print in hand it is then cross referenced with photos from 14ers.com.

All files are verified and double checked prior to sending to the Production Department to begin prototyping.

Once everything is approved in person I then give the green light to proceed with production!

NOTE: Smaller details of the terrain are difficult to transition to glass, Because of this there may be slight variations.


XIV SIERRA, LLC is the sole proprietor of the concept/idea as well as all materials , specialized equipment and tools such as molds and stamps. The “Colorado Compass” (logo) and the concept  is Trademarked through the secretary of the state of Colorado, is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) and has CERTIFICATE OF FACT OF GOOD STANDING. ID Number 2015157190. The Hikers Pint (Mount Bierstadt) is Patent Pending.